The start of this journey together was marked for April 2020 in the vibrant city of Istanbul in April 2020

The idea for our Hand in Hand community was born above the roofs in Istanbul and finalized with a Çay by the Bosporus and a call with Finnegan from Newhand. Istanbul as one of the biggest cities of the world lives on an incredibly diverse and colorful culture, which makes it easy to get inspired and to explore and discover new things about ourselves and the city at every single corner. 

Tine, Bart and Onur founded EMMA Amsterdam together in 2018 and Onur was inspired to found a production company with Ugur in Istanbul with the focus on sustainable textiles, which provides us with incredible [learning] opportunities that we want to share with you. 

Collaboration and co-creation are key for making impactful change in one of the most polluting industries of our times. 

We want to build a platform together with you, where we can share learnings and experiences, grow and develop together and inspire and get inspired. 

We chose the month of April when Istanbul just woke up from its beauty sleep during the winter. In providing insights in a production facility, facilitating workshops and creating milestones and goals together, we want to make a kick-off with Hand in Hand with you! 

We will organize the 2-days-event there and you only need to book your flight and find a place to sleep during this weekend. [in case we have so many sign-ups that we cannot handle it all by ourselves, we will let you know ;-) ]