story & Vision.

We want to create a safe space where people in the textile industry can come together, exchange experiences and knowledge. Our plan is to open up our first EMMA Community house in Istanbul in 2020.


This place will serve as meeting point for brands that want inspiration, produce, learn and create as well as producers and fabric suppliers and designers and customers.

We will provide space to give workshops and trainings and lectures about the textile industry, textile production, the processes, dying, environmental and economic impact as well as how to organize around purpose (company culture, self-management etc.) that we can partly provide ourselves but would invite others to contribute and use the space to share and to grow together this platform. Demonstrating of methods in textile production will be visible and accessible etc

A store will represent our community’s brands starting with EMMA but hopefully more community brands. A coffee place to meet up for (potential) end customers and the community as well as for brands coming to Istanbul to meet with producers as well as co-working area will be available. The whole project stands under the theme of Connection and Inspiration.

Our goal in the long-run is to create a community of driven textile entrepreneurs that care about a higher purpose and want to create value with their start-ups and/or projects that want to collaborate and co-create to build a wheel together to change the industry and in the end the world to the better.


Co-creation and collaboration to create bigger impact together.

Join this journey in sharing your experiences, your feedback, your vision and wildest dreams at our first event in Istanbul in May 2020!